The Kindness Campaign

The “Kindness Campaign” aims to help us remember that empathy and patience will make a difference – in our community and our world, especially at a time when shops, restaurants, attractions, service providers,  and businesses are short-staffed and struggling through this pandemic.

Together with 1Berkshirewe commissioned three artists to illustrate images of kindness to be shared on social media with the hashtag #BeKindBerkshires and #BeKind. We invite you to share them and add your thoughts about how kindness helps everyone.  Find a “Kindness toolkit” of graphics, posters, and ideas on the 1Berkshire website.


Nicole Tadgell
Choose Kindness, 2021. Watercolor on paper.
Collection of the artist.
©2021 Nicole Tadgell. All rights reserved.

Leo Quiles
Practice Kindness, 2021. Gouache on paper.
Collection of the artist.
©2021 Leo Quiles. All rights reserved.

Marc Rosenthal
Kindness Heals, 2021. Digital.
Collection of the artist.
©2021 Marc Rosenthal. All rights reserved.